Join us

Don’t hesitate to contact me (Aleš) and discuss development of your independent project within the broad interest of my team which could be submitted to calls such as Postdoctoral Fellowships - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. I’ll be happy to actively support project writing and submission of highly motivated applicants.

PhD candidates
Currently we do not have an open funded position, however, motivated candidates eager to apply for their independent funding are very much welcome - please contact Aleš.

Bc. and MSc. candidates
We are offering an opportunity to students to develop their MSc. or Bc. thesis in our lab. The scope of projects and methods is broad, including 1) evolutionary study of termites and termitophilopus rove beetles using bioinformatic analysis of phylogenetic and genomic data, 2) study of the fascinating phenotypic adaptations to termitophily using X-ray imaging methods and comparative morphological analysis, and 3) discovery of Aleocharinae biodiversity using museum specimens and field collections and both morphological and high throughput DNA barcoding-based approaches. Don’t hesitate to contact Aleš.