May 16, 2024 New paper collaboration on convergent evolution of mitochondrial genome fragmentation in parasitic lice.
May 14, 2024 We went to Staphylinoidea meeting followed by fieldwork around Brno and Chomutov (with Pavel Krásenský) - see photos.
Apr 01, 2024 Olga (Lab Manager) joins the team! :metal:
Mar 27, 2024 New paper on termite defensive glands.
Mar 08, 2024 New paper on decoding of termite behavior from Baltic amber.
Jan 01, 2024 Jana (Lab Manager) joins the team! :metal:
Nov 05, 2023 Oscar, Aleš, and Honza went for fieldwork in Cameroon - see photos.
Nov 05, 2023 Aleš and Oscar went for fieldwork in French Guiana - see photos.
Oct 02, 2023 Caroline (PhD) joins the team! :metal:
Aug 15, 2023 Oscar (postdoc) joins the team! :metal:
Jan 01, 2023 5-year (2023-2027) research grant JUNIOR STAR GAČR from Grant agency of Czech Republic was awarded to Aleš Buček for research of Trajectories of genome evolution in convergently evolving insect lineages. Read more on our Research page.