Aleš Buček
(group leader)

I am interested in evolution of adaptations that allowed insect to become such a diverse and abundant group of organisms. I use combination of phylogenetic, transcriptomic, genomic, and X-ray microtomographic methods to improve our understanding of evolutionary processes that generated one particularly ecologically successful group of insects: termites. From the termites’ evolutionary success benefited also diverse groups of their symbionts - from microbes to flies and beetles living in relationships with termites spanning from mutualism to parasitism. Many complex adaptations in termites and their symbionts evolved apparently repeatedly and my long-term goal is to uncover genetic and ecological drivers of convergent evolution using these organisms as a model system.

Oscar Fernando Saenz Manchola

I’m an entomologist aiming to study the patterns of relationships among different groups of insects using modern molecular techniques and bioinformatics (phylogenomics). I’m also interested in the organelle genomes evolution and the population genomics of insects, which together with phylogenomics help me to understand the evolutionary history of insects in an integrative approach.

Caroline Høegh-Guldberg

About Caroline.

Jana Martin Říhová
(Lab Manager)

I’m a postdoc parasitologist currently also working as a Lab Assistant/Manager in the Insect Symbiosis Lab. I check for lab supplies and help my colleagues with a variety of laboratory analyses.

Jan 'Honza' Šobotník
(Senior Researcher)

I work on termite biology, and structure and function of insect body.